Dance is crafting expression with the whole body moving through space and time.
This has been at the forefront of all that I do artistically and as a teacher.

Dance Theatre
 Conceiver, Choreographer & Performer
 2001 Breaking The Current: Ms. Toad’s Wild Ride Through The
Twists & Turns of the Psychedelic Journey Called Life
      evening length solo show
Contemporary Dance Theater
 Director, Choreographer & Performer
 2015The Dream Dancer (and Other Hysterics)Columbus Moving Company
 2012Senior Juan and His Ever Lovely Assistant YolandaLegends & Legacies Dance Concert
Modern Dance
 Choreographer & Dancer
 2006Evening of Impressionistic Dance
      evening length show
Concepcion, Chile
 2002Bright Exhalation
      evening length solo show
Concepcion, Chile
 2003eyes closed shutGoldston & Johnson School for Mimes
 2003The TornadoGoldston & Johnson School for Mimes
 2001Bright Exhalation
      evening length solo show
Calico Theatre
 2011Ordinal 5Tate Modern, London, England