Mime is the haiku of physical expression.
The mime artist cuts away at an idea, like a poet, to reveal the exquisite essence of that idea.
Mime makes the invisible visible and tells a story that is universally understood by the heart and mind.

 Conceiver, Director & Choreographer
 2014There Is No SilenceOhio State University
 2005VaudevilleOhio State University
 2001Uncommon ClayOhio State University
 Conceiver, Director, Choreographer & Performer
 2006Evening of Impressionistic Dance
      evening length show
Concepcion, Chile
 2004Images of WomanPort Clinton Arts Festival, Ohio
 2004Images of WomanThe School for Mime Theater
 2003Images of WomanGoldston & Johnson School for Mimes
 2003MetamorphosisGoldston & Johnson School for Mimes
 2003The TornadoGoldston & Johnson School for Mimes
 2003The Street PerformerGoldston & Johnson School for Mimes
 2002Bright Exhalation
      evening length solo show
Concepcion, Chile
 2002Bright Exhalation
      evening length solo show
Dayton, Ohio
 2001Bright Exhalation
      evening length solo show
Calico Theatre
 Movement Coach & Movement Director
 2016Stupid Fucking Bird Ohio State University
 2015MFA Actors Solo FestivalOhio State University
 2006Our Town Ohio State University
 2003Taking StepsRed Herring Theatre Company