Articles Written By Me 
  Technology for Mime Training and Devising of “There Is No Silence”
Article written by Vita Berezina-Blackburn, Alex Oliszewski and I, published in the Theatre, Dance, Performance Training Blog, January 2016

Making the Invisible Visible: Mime’s Contemporary Legacy A Mime and Movement Theatre Symposium
Article published in the ATME News Publication, Fall 2014

From Storage to the Stage: Using Archives to Research, Create and Perform
Article written and lecture presented on my research as the Klausner Fellow of the Bertha Klausner Archive section on Marcel Marceau, held at the American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, WY. 2014

The Establishment of the American Archive of Marcel Marceau
Article published in the ATME News Publication, Spring 2013

Capturing the Ineffable: A Tribute to Marcel Marceau
Article written and lecture demonstration presentation with Annette Thornton in memory of Marceau after his passing. Presented at the ATHE Conference, 2008

Remembrances of Marcel Marceau
Article published by Michael Grossberg on Columbus Dispatch Newspaper’s Blog, 2007

New Acting MFA @ OSU with a focus in Performer Generated New Work Creation
Article written and presented at the ATME national conference, 2007

Always Learning: Devising as a Pedagogical Process
Article written that was a section of a larger article titled Finding a New Route: Towards a Pedagogy of Devising, with sections written by Dr. Lesley Ferris, Dr. Jennifer Schlueter, and I. I have submitted the full article that is a redacted version. I am writer B., 2004
Articles and Books that cite my work 
  Digital Movement: Essay’s in Motion Technology and Performance
Book chapter about Ordinal 5 by Brian Rotman published by Palgrave, 2015

Jeanine Thompson: Marcel Marceau Lineage Holder
Article about me written by Annette Thornton published in ATME News Publication, Spring 2013.

Columbus Moves: A Brief History of Contemporary Dance
Book that documents my work as a dancer and choreographer, as well as the work of other prominent artists, written and published by Jenai Cutcher West, 2012

Dance Dynamics: Effort and Phrasing
Book that includes video samples from my dance choreography, as well, I did the voice over for book DVD, written by Vera Maletic, internationally recognized expert and teacher of Laban Movement Analysis, and published by Encore Publishing, 2005

All Mime
Article about the motion capture of Marcel Marceau by Karen Moltenbrey published in Computer Graphics World, 2001