Motion Capture

The wonder and magic of motion capture is it’s ability to capture the nuance of
gesture -- one's specific timing and idiosyncratic physical expression. It is an exceptionally
valuable tool to document physical movement for preservation, utilize as a resource for teaching,
and work with as an inspiration for artistic endeavors.

All of the work listed below was conducted at the OSU Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design

 2015The Strong ManAnimated Video and Virtual Reality
 2014There Is No SilenceProduction with animation and live motion capture
 2013The Story of BipResearch project with animation and live motion capture
 2011Yanci BukovecMotion capture of signature movements
 2001Marcel MarceauMotion capture of signature movements and solo Eater of Hearts
 2002 – 2005Daily life movementsMovements for animators in Motion Bank
 2001Images of Woman Motion capture of solo mime play
 2001Altering the positioning of light sensors on motion capture suit in order to best capture Marcel Marceau’s signature movements.